Patient Reviews

"I am extremely anxious during dental work. Dr. Ricks and her entire staff were so understanding and did everything to ease that anxiety. The receptionists, the assistants and Dr. Ricks were so friendly, kind, and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Ricks and wish I had gone to her earlier."

Janet M.

"Dr. Ricks performed a root canal on my 15 year old son after he had a trauma to his front tooth. She was very calming, gentle and meticulous in her procedure and she let me stay in the room with my son during the treatment. It was a painless procedure for him and she answered all of my questions. She is extremely thorough, detailed and her bedside manner is outstanding. I would recommend Dr. Ricks! The office staff was extremely helpful, understanding and attentive. I called on a Monday and got in on a Tuesday. The whole office staff was amazing!"

Jill O.

"Today I had my very first root canal and I was a nervous wreck. The office staff and doctor assured me I would be okay. I want to thank Dr.Ricks and her staff for being so kind and caring. Dr. Ricks was very gentle and made sure I was ok throughout the entire process .If I ever need a root canal again, I will definitely go to Dr.Ricks. Thank you again for your service and being full of patience."

Katherine T.

"I wish I could give MORE stars!

Dr. Ricks is fantastic. She is not only a good doctor, but it is obvious she knows how to hire good people.

As someone with severe anxiety when it comes to dental work, Dr. Ricks was able to do an entire root canal on me without my needing any kind of sedation. She was kind and gentle and let me know what she was about to do before she did it. That in itself was very calming and reassuring to me.

Her staff is also amazing. Carol, Dr. Ricks' receptionist, is awesome to work with. She was very helpful and patient with getting some insurance issues resolved. The Dental Assistant (I'm sorry but I can't remember her name) was just as soothing and accomodating as Dr. Ricks. The entire experience was great. This really is one of those situations where I'd rather get a root!

Lynn K.

"At 13 weeks pregnant, I formed an abscess in my mouth and was really swollen . The minute I called In, I felt at ease. They took me in the same day, and helped treat my problem. The staff and Linda Ricks are all amazing. So thankful to have been treated by them!"

Nancy N.

"I was referred to Dr. Ricks for a root canal. She is very gentle in spirit and technique. When you are with her, you are in good hands. Her staff is friendly and very helpful as well. Highly recommended!"

Karen K.

"The staff answered all my questions and were extremely friendly. I felt very comfortable and confident that Dr. Ricks would take care of my issue."

Joan R.

"Unfortunately I needed 2 root canals within the past two months. Fortunately for me, I found Dr. Ricks. She was able to get the work done quickly with minimal pain and a quick recovery. The entire staff is very professional and friendly and Dr. Ricks also has a very calm demeanor and is very patient. I have had some bad experiences in the past and was very nervous about needing more work done but everyone there made me feel at ease! Thank you!"

D. Roy

"I had to have a procedure done that I was nervous about and Dr. Ricks and her staff made me feel very comfortable and immediately put my mind at ease. She explained the procedure and the need for it to be done in great detail. She kept checking with me throughout the procedure to make sure I was pain free. The assistants and staff were very courteous and wonderful to talk with. Thank you Dr. Ricks for a very pleasant experience!"

Angel Kisses 3D Ultrasound & Boutique

"I appreciate Dr. Ricks and her assistant Krystal for thoroughly explaining the procedure as they worked so efficiently and professionally on my daughter's tooth. They were very thoughtful not to cause too much pain and frequently checked on my daughter to reassure she was doing fine.

Highly recommended!!!"

Ruth R.

"I was recommended by my dentist to have Dr. Ricks take care of what he thought was internal resorption. It's all about saving the tooth and preventing an implant! I was so nervous and upset. The whole staff, including Krystal!! made me feel comfortable and eased my mind. I never felt any pain and Dr. Ricks SAVED my tooth!! She has a very calming way about her and very pleasant. I would not go to anyone else for root canal work, she is the best!!"

Rosanne B.

"I am not sure where to start. Dr. Linda Ricks is fantastic. She is so nice. She helps people in emergencies. I was an emergency visit, twice. Her office personnel are outstanding and also very nice. They made me feel completely comfortable. I can tell she is very seasoned in her profession and her equipment seems to be high tech!

Her office is nicely decorated and comfortable. I am so grateful to have her has my Endodontist!!!"

Shannon L.

"Dr. Ricks and her staff are so accommodating! I was able to get in right away and have my work done. I would highly recommend her services!"

Melissa M.

"Dr. Ricks was amazing. She took me in on an extremely short notice. She walked me through the whole procedure. The whole procedure was painless and quick. Her staff is also amazing. I would recommend Dr. Ricks to anyone in a heartbeat! I went in fearing to have a root canal done, and left smiling!"

Javier R.

"Dr. Ricks, Crystal, and her entire staff do wonderful work. I really appreciated Dr. Ricks' calm demeanor and how she was able to save my tooth. Even the way she injected the anesthetic was especially gentle and skilled. I feel like they take a conservative, sensible approach and adjust the plan as new findings occur."

Jr Wang

"From the moment I walked in the office I was treated with kindness and professionalism!!! The young lady that took my call was great. I've had bad and very painful treatments for my teeth over the years so I'm always very stressed when I visit a Dentist. Ms Ricks took that all away. I'm still waiting for the painful numbing shot. She is great with that. Another first.....I fell asleep during a root canal!!!! Even the banter between Ms Ricks and her assistant was enjoyable. I strongly recommend the office!!!!! This Endodontist is the best I've ever had work on me......ever!!"

Ltrain B.

"Dr. Ricks is phenomenal! I called her office to schedule an appointment ASAP because i was in so much pain and she was able to make the time for me. The staff is super nice, they took the time to explain to me over the phone what medications i needed to take and what to do to minimize my pain. I have always had some anxiety when i went to the dentist but with Dr. Ricks by my side i felt safe and calm. I was pain free in less than 40 min! After the procedure was over Dr. Ricks personally called me to make sure everything was going well and if i was in any pain. This was by far the best experience I've had at a dentist's office! I can't thank her enough and her staff!"

Dajana X.

"I went to see Dr. Ricks for a root canal procedure and she was very attentive to the fact that I'm more sensitive to pain than most people. She kept a steady flow of painkiller so I didn't feel a thing. It was actually kind of relaxing! She is the calmest person I've ever met which made me feel calm too. I would trust her to care for my parents and children and would tell anybody that if you sit in Dr. Ricks chair, you are fortunate to have such a caring and experienced practitioner attending to you!"

Yvonne H.

"Dr. Ricks made the awful experience of getting a root canal as minimally unpleasant as it could be. I highly recommend her for this procedure. Her assistant was also great, and her front desk staff was courteous and helpful."

Christopher S.

"It has been 4 weeks since my visit with Linda Ricks and I feel GREAT!!! I was dealing with a tooth ache for awhile so when I called for an appointment they took me in with in 2 hours WOW!! The problem I had was worse then expected so I thought I would schedule an appointment but she was able to perform surgery immediately and took care of me that day. Thank you Linda Ricks for taking care of me HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

Oralio N.

"Very pleasant as far as i can feel. Most times i go to any other dentist i am horrible. The pain factor was almost non existent after all it was a root canal. Thank you Dr. Ricks u are truly the best at root canal. GOD SENT you to us scary cats!"

Toye S.

"Dr. Ricks was AMAZING I was just recommending a friend to her and decided to do a review. Even her staff especially Crystal was extremely professional and pleasant."

Crystal J.

"Dr. Ricks was amazing I just had a root canal done I was in severe pain for over a week . A soon as I walked in I felt very comfortable the receptionist was very friendly and her assistant explain every detail about was goin to happend Dr Rick made sure I was comfortable to the whole procedure and kept me pretty calm and who wouldn't with no pain I didn't have any discomfort at the end she gave me all the information that I need it to continue my care with my regular dentist!! Office was super clean . I would definitely recommend Dr Ricks she has very soft hands was very gently to the whole procedure. Thanks Dr Ricks ans Stuff for taking care of me!!!"

Claudia V.

"This is the third time I have needed Dr Ricks help - she is wonderful!"

Naomi Z.

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